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October Breast Cancer Awareness Month Free Angel Tutorial

 Ornament Academy is a new online polymer clay video tutorial school for all of you who love polymer clay, Christmas ornaments and crafting.

 Look what we did in September!

30 Days……30 videos……30 Ornaments

polymer clay christmas ornament tutorial

30 videos…30 Ornaments

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Do you want to learn how to make your own decorations?



Ornament Academy is the place for you!

Ornament Academy will teach you how to make polymer clay Christmas ornaments,figurines, and jewelry that are not just cute.

Cute, whimsical, modern,chic and shabby chic, steampunk, futuristic, contemporary and just plain fun projects await you at Ornament Academy.

We will show you how to make personalized polymer clay Christmas ornaments of your family, friends, and pets. And we will show you how to sell your creations.

Each month you will receive :

  1. Kids Korner…an easy ornament for the kids… video
  2. 2 Standard ornaments… video
  3. Pet of the Month ornament…can be anything from an ant to a whale! Video
  4. Family Ornament Video
  5. Plus some surprises

Mid month a special bonus video tutorial will be available to members. This video can be anything from jewelry to figurines. Don’t miss out , join Ornament Academy today!

At the end of each month, we will have a giveaway and one name will be drawn from the members. That person will receive the polymer clay Christmas ornaments that I made for that month’s tutorials.


Membership is only $ 4.95 per month.


You can cancel any time.

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