Ornament Academy opens in four days and I am still working on the website

Four more days! I had planned to open on April first but soon discovered that creating a new website that includes a membership club is not all that easy. After many issues and a few site crashes, we are just about ready. The easy part for me has been making the videos and the ornaments. The website has been a learning experience. ¬†Focus keywords, SEO, tags, readability, snippets, meta description, slugs, links, search engines, spiders, content, text…etc,etc.

Whew, I make ornaments and I was a little overwhelmed making the website but with a little help from my friends and family I think we are just about ready to go.

I would like to thank  everyone from Wishlist Member, WordPress, and Blue Host who were incredibly patient, nice, and helpful to me.

Thanks also to Matthew, Katie, Justin, Amanda, Claire, Georgianna, and Robin. I could not have done this without you!!!!

Tomorrow I will let you know what the bonus project for May will be and the little extra I have planned for it.

Till then,


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