On the road again to home

Monday morning was going to be my departure day to get on the road again to home but heavy rain and thunderstorms made me change that to Tuesday.

Tuesday will be a sunny day and make the drive much more pleasant. My car is packed to overflowing but I did remember to put the clay on the back seat and not in the trunk. 45 years of packing for craft shows has made me an expert. Years ago, my son was helping me pack my mini van when ¬†out of the blue the sliding door fell off. We managed to get it back on but decided to take his Hyundai Sonata to the show. Luckily, it had a fairly large trunk and we filled it with the side racks for the booth (they break down to 3 x 3 units..we had 10), 3 folding tables, 5 lights, and draperies and table cloths. The back seat had 10 big boxes of ornaments, tabletop displays, luggage, and all the little odds and ends you need at a show. That’s how we got on the road again to the show.

My trip home will take a few days because I can’t drive the 11 hours to my niece’s house in one day like I used to. Night driving is impossible for me now because I can’t even see the road. Fuch’s Corneal Dystrophy is really a pain but many people are worse off than me so I will not complain.

So getting on the road again means a stopover at my niece’s house where I will happily play with my great niece Georgianna and when I get home I will meet my new great nephew Timothy.

I will back to claying next week. No Polymer clay Throwback Thursday this week,

Keep on claying,


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