1. Maria

    I know many of us have encountered these closed minded atitudes but we persevere. I am not one to gloat, but when I left the craft shows with empty boxes and the people who looked down at me were packing up their unsold stuff, I did have a little smile on my face.

  2. tcgibsonfmly

    I know exactly what you are referring to. Years ago I belonged to a local “sculpture society” and when I tried to introduce them to polymer clay I experienced the same kind of aloof belittling of my of attempt to degrade the lofty world of sculpture. Needless to say I did not renew my membership to the society. I also had a similar reception when I brought Christmas ornaments to a Art Glass of Oklahoma meeting. I had made the ornaments using polymer clay instead of copper foil and solder and they looked way-way down their noses at the ornaments and therefore at me. Some people have to make others feel inferior in order for them to seem superior. A polymer artist (I cannot remember who) said it best. “Make what you love and love what you make”. The definition of whimsical that I prefer is ‘Imaginative expression’. I guess that means those who look down on whimsical art have no imagination.

    Thomas Gibson – whimsical artist

    • Maria

      You are very talented and it is their loss not to appreciate that. You won Best of Show at the Oklahoma State Fair and I think that speaks volumes! Keep on claying!!!

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