Nativity Scene or Countdown Calendar?

 Should we do a Nativity scene or Countdown Calendar?

I did both in ebooks, but these would be a bit different. Which would you prefer? I am deciding on a project for Academy members for November and I would love to hear what you have to say.  Both polymer clay projects are time consuming but not difficult so I thought doing them in November would have them ready for display in December.



    • Maria

      An overwhelming number have voted for the countdown calendar. So far only 3 votes for the Nativity but we will do a Nativity ornament in December. I will have the countdown calendar up at the beginning of November so you can get it done by December 1. It will consist of more than one video but they will be clearly labeled.

      Thanks to everyone for voting.To be honest, I thought it would be the Nativity but we can do that next year.


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