My name is Maria Maestri and I have been making Christmas ornaments for 45 years.  When I first started I used salt dough but soon switched to polymer clay which I love. My ornaments were sold at arts and crafts shows up and down the east coast of the United States. As the internet took over the world, I also sold online.

Age and arthritis in my hands caught up to me and I could no longer produce the large quantities of ornaments that i would need at the shows. That is when I started my e-book tutorials which I sell on Etsy. But,alas, health issues once again crept into my life. I have been diagnosed with a corneal disease with no cure that will leave me blind.

My son Matthew suggested making videos showing how I make my ornaments. He has started the Ornament Academy Membership Club so that anyone can learn from me. I think it is a great idea!


my handsome son

My handsome son Matthew taking a selfie before his cousin’s wedding

Each month you will receive :

  1. Kids Korner…an easy ornament for the kids… video
  2. 2 Standard ornaments… video
  3. Pet of the Month ornament…can be anything from an ant to a whale! Video
  4. Family Ornament Video
  5. Mid month you will receive a bonus video that will be a surprise


At the end of each month, we will have a giveaway and one name will be drawn from the members. That person will receive the ornaments that I made for that month’s tutorials.

Membership is only $ 4.95 per month.

You can cancel any time.


EMAIL ME AT  maria@simplyornaments.com if you would like to be placed on the notification list.



Here is a preview of what you will receive when you join the club.

This is the page for the May Family Ornament